Subscription Table Pro

Subscription Table Pro

It supports currencies symbol (USD, EUR, INR, franc, pound sterling and yen).

  • you can select column to be shown. max 4 min 2, it adjusts the width according to the column size.
  • you can create max 10 rows to be shown. you can fix the height of the column if you have multipul line entry for next line entry please use html tag.
  • for the signup link you can provide the link over which it has to be redirected.
  • There is option for the currency conversion. This currency convert is done live form the form currency converter Api source and The base currency is USD. It will provide the approx value of you product as while conversion the value gets round up. you can add as many currencies for the currency conversion. You have to use the iso-4217 value of currency ex. INR, USD, GBP
  • For Currency converter please refer the Currency Symbol HTML code. if it is there we can customize it for you.

Currency converter:

This section is option if you need on your portal or website you can enable it.

To use the Currency Converter you can use it for free and paid.

Free covers:

Conversion Pairs per Request: 2
Number of Requests per Hour: 100
Date Range in History: 8 Days
Allowed Back in History: 1 Year(s)
please refer the link:
For free you don't need do get the API key for subscription module.
To use the you need to register and get the API key that is free and paid.
1,000 API Requests
Hourly Data Updates
Limited Technical Support
Please refer the link:


Validity : Lifetime
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