Subscription Table

Subscription Table

General Feature:

- Basic it supports six currencies symbol (USD, EUR, INR, Franc, Pound Sterling and Yen).
- You can select column to be shown. Max 4 min 2, it adjusts the width according to the number of column size.
- You can create max 5 rows to be shown in free version of subscription table.
- It support three header color (Black, Blue and green).
- You can fix the height of the column if you have multiple line entry. For next line entry please use HTML Tag
- For the signup link you can provide the link over which it has to be redirected.

Currency Converter

- Currency converter is done live form the for free version of subscription Price table.
- The base currency is USD. It will provide the approx value of your product.
- The converted value with current exchange rate is round up for other currency.
- You can add as many currencies for the currency conversion. You have to use the ISO-4217 value of currency Ex. INR, USD, GBP

Please if you have any issue let me know so that I can fix those issue for the next release. Please it is requested to submit the request in English.

Note: Google has stop the currency converter API and is no longer supported in free version of Subscription table.


Validity : 3 Months
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