Custom Software Development

What is Custom Software Development about?

Companies are not always ready to buy expensive software applications and are looking for a rescue vessel with a skilled crew. At the same time they need industry standard software solutions that enable them to manage various tasks of business. It is crucial for them not to waste lots of financial, human and timing budgets. In other words there must be an optimum correlation here. We are ready to propose the very best solution for you as we know how to make projects mutually beneficial for both parties.

With us you get:

  • highly targeted and customized solution to cope with your business needs
  • integration with your existing systems or new applications
  • close look and scrupulous analysis of your business processes that allows you to tweak and tune your workflow
  • thorough quality assurance and “no-defects” policy
  • full-scale support and technical consultancy;
  • significant improvement of your company’s operational performance

3Stechnosolutions’s team is comprised of high-skilled professionals who are experts in building large-scale, dimensioned and secure custom software development solutions using cutting-edge technologies and thus providing leverage to our clients. We develop reliable and effective solutions in the following technologies and domains:



  • E-Commerc
  • Content Management
  • AJAX
  • Customized Web-based
  • E-procurement
  • Banking
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • GPS
  • Conferencing
  • Portals

Our approach to work

Reliable outsourcing is a two-way process. We know that full preparation and capability of programmers handling a project and proper attitude to implementing it helps to enhance success for both sides. Both parties have to be satisfied throughout the research, planning and implementing phases of the outsourcing contract. This is our primary concern.

Another stage for both sides is to make sure that there will no hidden pitfalls. Our operating team does its best to ensure that each party is aware of where they stand and provide the basis for sound relationship. Due to high responsiveness, on-time delivery, mature knowledge under the belt we and our clients grow effectively. We do our utmost to ensure that your custom software development project remains secure and confidential.

No matter whether we develop a small accounting application or a corporate ERP system, with your business benefits. Get in touch with us via +919696868975 or Invite me on Skype stechnosolutions and you will receive overall answers to your questions.

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